Hey guys. I’ve just been banned by hypixel watchdog for a week. This really won’t slow uploads since I have some prepared, but I would appreciate you guys leaving a like on the video to show your support.

I am thankful of everyone who took my word. But for those of you who didn’t, please read this. I hope to sway your mind.
I’m tired of people accusing me of hacking in this comments section so I’m going to make a few statements and back them up with support. I’m not sure if I did the best explaining in the video.

– Yes, I was unbanned after making this video. I logged back onto the server about 4 days after appealing (a rather long time but I was still happy to be unbanned)
– No, I was not hacking. Although I did not go into deep analysis on the situation it can be seen that I was not using a client by several points that I will now make.

– The amount of time that I would have had to restart my minecraft, hide/delete folders, and pull up my recording software was 23 seconds. If you do not believe me, a time stamp on my ban can be seen at 0:57. Subtracting 23 seconds from my ban time results in 6d, 23h 59m and 37s.
– In the top left of my minecraft, the version reads Minecraft 1.8.7. I do not have a mods folder inside of my %appdata% as seen in the video.
– I read over the comments; kill aura bans as I have heard usually last 30 days, whereas a ban against a hack like ‘derp’ results in a 7 day ban. However, I still yet to know what watchdog thought I was using.
– Did you see my background commentary video? I’m a pee vee pee god! (Joking)
– A lot of people seem to think that watchdog is perfect, but keep in mind… nothing is! Everything has flaws, and since watchdog is still very new to the server, you can’t put all your trust in it, and neither have the staff in my case.
– This could be you getting banned, and you wouldn’t have much of a way to defend yourself. Several thousand players have surely experienced this feeling. While most watchdog bans are legitimate, to say that they all are is a joke. A server anticheat can never be perfect.
– If all of this isn’t enough to prove that I am innocent, the staff found me to be. At the time of being banned I was quite terrified, so I’m sorry if I didn’t show exactly what I needed to prove it to some of you. However, the hypixel staff do not believe I was hacking and instead see my ban as a flaw in the watchdog system.

*If you want to disagree with authority than be my guest. But I will promise you again and again that I have done nothing wrong to deserve the four days I served : )*