Think you are secure? Watch how easily you can be hacked when you think you are safe. Visit for more information and check out The Secure CEO – a plain English guide for CEOs, Executives, and ANYONE who wants to protect their computer systems, their company, and their job.

IT Best Practices & IT Security Solutions
Protect Your Business Systems and Company Network with Cutting-Edge Security Solutions & IT Best Practices
Helping IT Professionals Build Even More Confidence with their Executives,
And Making Their Job Easier at the Same Time. . .

Keeping up with security solutions and best practices to protect your computer systems and network is a full-time job. So how can you stay ahead in an industry that changes quickly, let alone prioritize the multiple tasks that need to be accomplished, plus implement and complete them?

Most IT professionals are very busy working on other projects for your company. They don’t have the opportunity to spend their time attending security training and visiting other organizations discovering the best current security techniques.

Mike Foster, the IT Vital Systems Security Specialist, has the experience and expertise to implement best practices to keep your network safe. Through his consulting with IT professionals and executives, combined with his leading-edge research, he’s able to help protect you from the latest security threats and increase system performance—tailored just for your network.

Mike works one-on-one with your IT Professionals and Executives. During Mike’s comprehensive IT Vital Systems Review, he will analyze, review, and help to prioritize & implement IT Best Practices and help you safe-guard against security breaches, which can cost a company money, time and credibility.

How Safe Is Your Business
from Internet Hackers?
“The Secure CEO: How to Protect Your Computer Systems, Your Company, and Your Job” Packs Plain-English Security Solutions for Executives
Viruses… hackers… malware… identity theft… security breaches… it’s enough to make any CEO’s head spin. In order to remain competitive and profitable these days, it’s absolutely imperative that you—and your organization—take control of your IT issues before they take control of you!

In his new book “The Secure CEO,” Vital Systems Security Review Specialist Mike Foster combines his considerable Internet technology experience with his innate understanding of the latest business and security technologies. The result is “The Secure CEO,” the definitive IT handbook for CEOs and key executives. And best of all, it’s written in easy-to-follow “plain English” that readers can understand, regardless of their technological background.

Foster’s premise is that although CEOs may ‘think’ their networks and company information are safe from prying eyes, more often than not they are not. In his book Foster asks critical questions key executives need to consider, such as:

Are you sure your network isn’t running illegal programs that have been remotely installed by criminals in other countries without your knowledge?

Is your IT team so under-trained or over-whelmed that daily “fires” keep them from performing critical security tasks?

Are unclear communication and negative personality types adversely affecting your IT department?
“The Secure CEO” gives you the bottom line answers you need to effectively analyze your current use of Internet technology. Readers will uncover strategies to minimize IT security breaches, tactics for keeping their companies safer, and proven “best practices” to implement to help keep systems secure in the future.

IT security has never been a more important business concern. Get “The Secure CEO” and share its timely information with your entire IT team, key managers, and other top executives. Cut through the confusion and intimidation and harness the power of technology for your company’s advantage. “The Secure CEO” by Mike Foster will help you protect your computer systems, your company, and your job!