Is Macron a Russian spy?

Online portal Wikileaks claims that the leak of the campaign correspondence of Emmanuel Macron (candidate for President of France, the leader of movement “En Marche!”) has mentioned the name of the employee of Russian company nine times. Relevant publications appeared in the official Twitter account of Wikileaks on 7 May.

The tweet included screen grabs which shows table with dates. The name Roshka Georgy Petrovich appears here nine times.

Wikileaks didn’t give more detailed information. The portal clarified that the company “Cedric”, according to Russian media reports, got the FSB license for protecting State secrets.

And that the Company “Cedric” really exists in the Russian federation. On its official website stated that regular customers of the company are: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Economic Development, The Ministry of Health, The Federal Customs Service, The Central Bank, the FIU, and the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Also on the website of “Cedric” is reported that company offers products and solutions in accordance with the “licenses and certificates, received on the declared types of activities”.

The company’s representatives didn’t comment on the information provided by Wikileaks.

This is of intrigue, because the leaked emails of the Macron’s headquarters happened just a couple days before the second round of presidential elections in France, where the Macron will have to compete with Marine Le Pen.

The Macron’s headquarters acknowledged the leak and stated that many staff of the campaign have been subjected to hacker attacks. Earlier, the campaign stated that it has been subjected to hacker attacks and blamed the Russian Federation, though it has not been proven.

Publication in the Twitter account Wikileaks that the Macron’s campaign connected with the Russian firm, licensed by the FSB, appeared in the Internet just hours before the second round of presidential elections.

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