Enter bright shiny band-aid.

You know it well. It’s the answer to all mankind’s end-of-year shortcomings, the New Year’s Resolution. The NYR is everyone’s easy fix to start the year with an epic promise that we’ll do better. Everyone makes them. Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want to grow?

Common sightings in the month of January:

The gym is filled with people going 0 to 100 real quick.

Your colleagues have switched from their regular Coke and Big Mac to a single stick of celery and a poop-coloured smoothie. 💩

Your friend Roger has buried himself in library books and a $200 Rosetta Stone subscription, steering haphazardly through a crash-course in the Italian language.

We all know what happens come February and March. The aspiring — Dwayne Johnsons — choose the couch over the running machine, your co-workers are back to super-sizing their fast food, and poor Roger can’t get past counting to dieci. The NYR gets the best of us, year after year. So yeah, everyone still makes them. Everyone knows that 92% of the time they end in swift and grand failure.

This epic fail early in the year encourages us to reject goal setting. Now looking back the only thing to show for 2016 is a bunch of filtered food pictures and a YouTube viewing history of people, we wish were us, achieving goals.

This year, let’s break the long-standing New Year’s resolution curse.

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