Jack Bogle, is the founder of Vanguard. He was the pioneer behind index funds. A mechanism that transferred billions of dollars from fund managers back to investors. Below you can see the impact Vanguard has had on actively managed funds.

In the same way that actively managed funds on average underperform index funds, there is a perplexing trend in internet marketplaces – charging monthly fees before sellers make a single dollar of revenue. The key insight these platforms realized is that it’s more profitable to sell aspiration than to capture the value their platforms create.

At Flurly, we think this is wrong.

We believe in the model great companies like Stripe, Plaid and Lambda School have pioneered. They only make money when you do and have a huge vested incentive to make you successful. We want to do the same. That’s why at Flurly there is no listing fee to list a product or monthly fee to use our tools.

We also believe that long term relationships compound in value. By taking less from creators today, creators will have more money to reinvest in their business and grow the overall market. This is why we set our take rate at 1% vs the industry standard 5%.

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