The Virgina  and Wisconsin University’s  website has been hacked and  published by a hacker  Kapustkiy  on on 12 November.

The hacker hacked the two sub domains of the Virgina university and e-library website for course work material of the Wisconsin University , and the reason he gave behind this act is that the university didn’t reply to his query. “For ignoring me they don’t reply to my emails,” he wrote in his blog post.

The hacked subdomains of the  Virgina university  include the ECE Engineering department website (  and the another one is its MEMS laboratory ( The hacked database of the laboratory contains 73 tables, and in the users table, there are 11 entries which have a unique identification number of the students, their login number, password, email-id, access, and name. And in table named  mems_validation  there are  total 129 entries.

The Wisconsin University’s e-library was hacked by the hackers. In the database published, there were total 67 tables. The table named users contained 37 entries which are the  most number of entries. User table  includes the first name, last name, phone number, city, and zip code of the victims. The other two tables Staff and Block email have 20 entries and 17 entries each.

This is not the first time that any university has faced the hack, from now and then the universities around the world are facing this kind of attack. 

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