In the Uttar Pradesh State Elections in India, the BJP won by a historic record breaking margin of 325 seats. This has bought forward the issue of Election fraud in EVM (Electronic Voting) machines. EVMs can be hacked and tampered easily. That’s why most developed nations do not use an EVM.

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0- Research paper on Security analysis of Indian EVM by University of Michigan

1- Indian made EVM in Botswana are susceptible to vote rigging

2- Electronic Voting Machines & Why Voters Should Be Suspicious Of Every Election

3- Netherlands Bans EVM in 2008

3b- Germany bans EVM in 2009

4- American research describing how easy is it to hack voting machines

5- Prevent fraud by Banning EVM

6- Why are states dumping EVM to go back to paper (America)

7- Dr David Dill speaks on Indian EVM

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