From writing and committing to publishing and promoting, a static site generator for Python coders

Sunaina Pai

Monday 17th, 16:30 (Assembly Room)
A talk (25 minutes)
This session is about my personal journey of creating and publishing my first successful open source project in Python. I will share a story that starts with rewriting my static, shell-script-powered personal blog generator, then writing 120 lines of Python code, publishing it on Hacker News, and then trending on Hacker News and GitHub (right next to Linus Torvalds :-D) for a day of hacker-fame.

In this session, I will share how 120 lines of Python code written to solve a personal need helped me to connect with developers across the world and become a part of a small community of Python coders. I believe this session will be very useful to beginners who want to take their first step into creating their own personal Python project and make it successful.

Visit to see the source code of this project.

The speaker suggested this session is suitable for new programmers.