Oracle is celebrating Labor Day in America this weekend by reportedly doing a fresh round of layoffs and it’s sounding like it could affect a number of heads. is once again a vibrant discussion board today with word that massive layoffs are set for Friday, 1 September, and sound squarely aimed at their hardware division, SPARC. There are many reported Oracle employees stating notification of a FedEx shipment tomorrow from Oracle headquarters, widely expected to be their termination papers, etc.

There are several threads like this one where emotions range from anger, wishing it was still the Sun Microsystems days, to happiness in finally being able to move on past the Oracle days. And threads discussing the advantages/disadvantages of being laid off from Oracle.

We’ll see tomorrow if there is any statement out of Oracle or if they manage to again skirt around the WARN Act. But it’s sounding like the SPARC hardware days are very numbered and coming just a few weeks after reported layoffs in the ZFS group.

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