– warning: 2 jumpscares haha. atleast i warned yall. –
(!!! 1080p + small screen + earphones !!!)

hOOOOly shit ive been wanting to do a social media au for like a while and i thought it would end up fluffy BUT WHAT HAPPENED-

anywho so if u wanna find out what’s really behind this video it goes like this (keep in mind they’re in college):

tae is kind of a social butterfly and associates himself with people daily. he has a lot of friends, he’s known by a lot of students. and shit like that. although jeongguk, on the other hand, isn’t. he’s just there by himself most of the time and taehyung managed to catch his attention since [whoop] tae’s friendly as heck and guk just needs a friend at that moment. plus, their apartments are right beside each other’s and the walls are thin so….

he asks taehyung to be his muse for one project and taehyung agrees because that is a first, he never gets offers like that it wouldn’t hurt to try, and he would like to help this freshman student jeongguk anyway. after being his muse for the project, taehyung didn’t really expect anything more to come but jeongguk did. he ended up messaging taehyung all the time on facebook and just becomes fucking obsessed w tae as heck.

because of this unhealthy attitude, he learned how to tap taehyung’s phone and laptop just so he could see whatever the elder was doing in his leisure time. and the thin walls that separate them benefits jeongguk as well since he could hear whatever taehyung was doing whenever he was home.

so that’s why jeongguk had access on taehyung’s laptop and he also learned how to control it, as it’s shown when taehyung’s computer was hanging a lot of times, and he sees every conversation taehyung has. including wonho’s, taehyung’s fwb, who guk hates so bad that he ended up doing something about it in the end. plus, that’s why when jeongguk was playing a song in his laptop, it ended up playing in taehyung’s as well. and tae could hear the song playing on the other room, which could be a coincidence but in his case, it’s not.

i’ll leave whatever jeongguk did to wonho to your imagination. hahahadh im not that cruel so…

[additional info: tapping someone’s phone/laptop means that you could access their gadgets even without their permission and they could see whatever things you’re doing in that laptop. they could get your information so yep, guk hacked tae. that’s why he knew wonho was alone in his apartment and no one could witness whatever he would do.]

IDK IF ANYONE READ THIS BUT YEAH IDC i think this shit’s just self indulgent too i like writing aus and editing them to become real so henlo dis 4 me

HERE’S THE PART TWO: https://youtu.be/6P5eIbe01Qw

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