If you have a robust and lightweight shark vacuum cleaner at your home or office, then you are surely aware of how powerful and efficient vac it is. It has never lost suction and large cleaning capacity which is beneficial for cleaning of deep carpet and bare floors. Shark vacuum comes with a long hose and built with an extra-long wand which makes it versatile for cleaning the upholstery. To keep such a useful vacuum cleaner durable for a long time and to have a perfect cleaning every day, you need to maintain the filters regularly.

Shark vacuums come with two types of filters; plastic filter and HEPA filter, you need to clean them both. Check this post to know how to clean a Shark vacuum filter by yourself without any professional help.

1) Cleaning the Plastic Filter

As you know, the Shark Vacuum is a bagless cleaning system. It comes with a removable plastic container in which all the dust and debris are stored while cleaning. So, it requires cleaning at regular times to allow you are not losing the suction power of the vacuum.

Follow the below steps to clean the plastic filter of a Shark vacuum.

  • First, empty the dirt container into the trash and open the top of it
  • Now remove the plastic filter out of the vacuum
  • Then gently tap the filter on a garbage can to remove the dust particles present inside the plastic filter, make sure not to tap it hard, otherwise, you will damage the filter
  • After taping the plastic filter, clean it with a use of water, you can also use running water in your kitchen sink
  • Continue using the water until you see the filter thoroughly cleaned and all the dirt and debris washed out from it
  • Now put it in place to make it fully dry. If you use a wet filter in your vacuum, then it will permanently damage your cleaning unit, and you will face a risk to safety too

2) Cleaning the HEPA Filter

Most of the Shark vacuums come with two HEPA filters. Like the plastic filter, you need to clean them too on a regular basis. Follow the below steps to clean the HEPA filter in your Shark vacuum.

  • First, remove the HEPA filter out of the vacuum system. It is placed underneath the dirt container
  • Use a good-quality dish detergent to rinse it thoroughly with your hands. Continue this process until it becomes completely cleaned
  • Now use the running water to clean the filter and wash out the detergent and other particles
  • Wait for the filter to dry out completely just as you have done with the plastic filter
  • Use the second HEPA filter in your vacuum in place of the filter you have cleaned and is wet yet. It will allow you to continue your cleaning process
  • It is recommended that you use both the HEPA filters in your vacuum alternatively


Without any doubt, the Shark vacuum cleaner is a great addition to any home cleaning equipment. Though it comes with a ‘never lose suction’ technology, you need to keep the vacuum stuff clean, especially its filters. After you complete all the above steps on how to clean a Shark vacuum filter, you will see a noticeable change in the cleaning and suction power of your Shark vacuum right from the beginning. You will also feel that it became odor free by cleaning the HEPA filters carefully.

Get your best vacuum cleaner for home and office cleaning task and keep their parts cleaned regularly to get a powerful performance every time you use them.

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