Spotify’s new ad format
2 points by rplnt 8 minutes ago | past | web | discuss
New (first time I’ve seen one at least) ads are simply perfect.

* the ads autoplay right after program startup, even when the music is paused

* they are full volume and don’t respond to Spotify’s UI (mute, volume change, play/pause)

* they do have separate controls (pause/volume) – it’s a small embed video hidden in a big ad, the controls only show on hover over that video

* BONUS: you can press play and music starts to play over the ad

Reproducible every time.

What drives company like Spotify to turn into annoying ad-ware-like model? This will drive customers away, not into subscription. Or is it advertisers’ fault and Spotify simply let them too loose? Either way, it was an instant uninstall for me.

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