Sports Math at U.S. Colleges
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College coaches are supposedly big on math. Each week, college football coaches vote for the best teams in the country. It is fairly common to see some teams get ranked below other teams with more losses. This is often explained by strength of schedule. There are complicated algorithms attempting to calculate a team’s strength of schedule.

But do any of the coaches (or their proxies) who vote understand those algorithms? Can any of them explain why 3-0 Ohio State is ranked #3? OSU has beaten 0-3 Penn State, 1-2 Nebraska (whos only win was against Penn State) and 1-2 Rutgers. Is that really a stronger schedule than 7-1 Clemson (only loss to #2 Notre Dame), or 6-0 Cincinnati’s? Or 5-1 Texas A&M’s (loss to #1 Alabama, win against #4 Florida) or 8-0 BYU with a win against #21 Boise State?

How is beating Penn State and Nebraska mathematically more impressive than beating Florida or Boise State?

Can HN explain the math?

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