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As the clocks in UK went back by one hour, hackers started were up to their old tricks and began targeting Apple users with a phishing scam in the hopes of stealing personal details like usernames, passwords, and even driving licence and passport numbers.

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Hackers posing as Apple send SMS which warns users that their Apple ID is imminently expiring and urges them to update it by clicking the provided link. When you click on that link it redirects users to a fake Apple ID login page and prompts them to enter their username, passwords and other sensitive information such as card details, passport number, driving licence number and mother’s maiden name.

Smishing campaigns (Phishing via SMS messages) are one of the common tools used by online scammers to steal sensitive user data, without alerting users of any suspicious activities. This method provides hackers enough time to infiltrate user accounts and obtain data while users generally remain clueless about the loss of their data.

Apple users have been targeted in similar ways in the past by convincing-looking replicas of the real Apple ID login page. They have been targeted in a similar manner in May, and received messages in June claiming their iCloud account had been deactivated.

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