By: Ben Milne,

As your payment volume scales, so too does your need to leverage machine learning to help your team protect you against fraud. Many of our current Access API Partners end up looking for the right solution to manage risk in real-time for ACH payments, empowering their team of analysts to make better decisions.

Time and again, we see our partners selecting to grow with Sift Science, a company which is able to provide real-time risk scoring for fraud that is unique to your business. At Dwolla, we’ve been working with Sift since 2013 and know first-hand the value in its world-class platform.

We’ve extended our platform to integrate your Access API applications and Sift Science, enabling automated ACH fraud monitoring. For you, this means:

  • Far less upfront expense to add risk scoring—minimal developer time needed
  • Just drop in your Sift API key. If you don’t have one, you can acquire one from Sift
  • Less maintenance supporting another API for your team

To configure Sift in your Access API dashboard, it takes about a minute:


Here is the guide on where to get your API key from Sift. Once you’ve synced our platform with Sift, the following events will automatically be fed directly into your Sift account:

  • Account creation
  • Transactions
  • Account Status
  • Funding Source Additions / Removal

Here is the full spec for the Sift Science integration. Once your API key is added, accounts and transactions will start instantly connecting with Sift Science. The fraud scores generated by Sift Science will become available instantly in the Sift Dashboard as events occur.

To get the most out of your integration we also recommend ensuring that the Sift Scient Javascript Snippet is properly installed. Using the Snippet in addition to the Dwolla integration will help increase the accuracy of the scores generated by Sift.

Sift has been added to the integrations dashboard for all Access API partners.

Log in and connect your Sift account

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