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A unique type of ransomware is forcing its victims to play popular Japanese game TH12.

According to Malware Hunter Team, a popup started appearing on the victim’s devices.

This pop up informing them about the ransomware infection. Normally, when the device’s security is compromised by cyber criminals, the users are asked to pay a ransom fee, but not in this case!.

The popup received by the affected parties stated: “Just play TH12 and score over 0.2 billion in lunatic level.”

The mastermind behind this ransomware goes by the name “Tvple Eraser” on Twitter, who said that: “I made it for a joke, and just laughing with people who like Touhou Project Series,” Tvple Eraser writes.” So I distributed source code except for compiled binary on the web.” However, at the point of the distribution, the tragedy was just beginning.

“A number of people blamed me. It’s natural. because I made accident definitely wrong,” he continues. “I’m not sure this apology is enough to you. If not, then I apologize again… It didn’t meant to be evil. I hope you understand of it.”

Eraser also released a tool to get rid of this ransomware.

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