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After Chad Wild Clay made HACKER CAR CHASE! Extreme Makeover of Tesla into a Delorean & Project Zorgo Back To The Future Race, and Daniel uploaded the video SCOOTER CHASE with PROJECT ZORGO (Daniel Escapes Trap by Joseph Banks to Explore Riddles), and Vy Qwaint created VY QWAINT vs HACKER in REAL LIFE SPY NINJA BATTLE ROYALE (Searching Project Zorgo Abandoned Riddles), CWC, VQ, and Daniel from Exposing Project Zorgo went on a mission for Joseph Banks to find the abandoned top secret orange crystal and mixture 78x from the Zorgo hackers. Once they obtain these secret ingredients, the scientist Joseph Banks will be able to reveal their new Tesla to the CWC Crew. On their mission, Chad Wild Clay and Daniel got trapped in a cage for 24 hours at 3am! It was a challenge to get them out. But now they think Joseph Banks is working with Project Zorgo. To find out what Joseph’s true intentions are, Vy Qwaint goes on a top secret super spy mission to track down Banks. She sees that Joseph Banks is in a secret meeting with Project Zorgo, when all of a sudden, PZ takes JB to an abandoned shed and traps him in there. VQ uses her spy gadgets to get Banks out and her ninja gadgets to challenge PZ to a battle royale. Once she defeats the hacker she learns that Banks is a good guy after all. The next day, Joseph Banks reveals their brand new Tesla which he transformed into a hacker proof Delorean just like in Back To The Future! In this video Vy and Chad test out the car to see if the stainless steel is really hacker proof! They lure the hackers to their location and it worked. However, one PZ member resisted the hacker proof car and took off their mask and voice modulator revealing his face for the first time in real life! Hopefully, they find more evidence, clues and riddles to solve who this mystery Project Zorgo member is. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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