Online Hacker News, an android app, is the social news app focusing on Computer Science Information and Entrepreneurship. Online Hacker News (OHN) is a leading source of Information Security, Hacking News, Cyber Security, Network Security, Tips and Tricks, Tech Review, WikiLeaks, Gadgets Review, News about big Tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, dedicated to promoting awareness for security experts and hackers. Online Hacker News have been developed to bring improved cyber security and disruption free operations to the users updating real time cyber security and network security news from the worldwide news source . Online Hacker news has prepared a team of experts to bring you the best in information security training and solutions. The mission of creating Online Hacker News (OHN) is to make the internet more secure and reliable. The theme of Online Hacker News is to help and assist the users in becoming security conscious.
Why Online Hacker News?

Online Hacker News app looks absolutely gorgeous and responsive on Android device. Online Hacker News is a simple interface where you can find or become updated with the top stories about cyber security, cyber crime, WikiLeaks latest technology news about the gadgets, new invention, hacking and almost all IT based Information. Online Hacker News clean interface provides you the very good interface to read the news on your android devices anywhere you are and it’s a great way to check in on the latest top news. Online Hacker News has no frills layout. It is one of the favorite of this (OHN) app.
What about the features?

Online Hacker News (OHN) app really have a relevant features. The features are:

● Automatic Article Update.
● New Article Update Notification.
● Access to Blog with one click.
● Add Home Screen Widget of the Hacker News Application.
● Best Hacking News from the world wide news source.
● Offline page save.