Apple iPads are quickly becoming a popular alternative to laptops. While some people remain unconvinced this is a good idea, there are plenty of others happily using iPads as the main development machine. There’s also a middle ground, where people consider it a portable on-the-go alternative, be it for checking the progress of a long-training model, or an on-duty machine.

It usually involves setting up a virtual machine in the cloud, and connecting to it from the iPad. For inspiration, Fatih Arslan shares a detailed description of his setup here, and Blake Shaw mentions an alternative here. However, securely configuring VMs and SSH tunnels might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Deepnote is a new type of data science notebook with easy setup, a fully managed platform which requires only a browser. It’s compatible with Jupyter, so you can bring your existing notebooks, or start writing new ones from scratch.

It doesn’t require installing any extra applications, it just works when you open it in the browser.

Additional features:

  • Best looking user interface for notebooks
  • Terminal access to the underlying container
  • Real-time collaboration of multiple users at the same time, sharing the execution environment
  • Comments on cells, allowing discussions and basic code reviews
  • Native file-system, so working with data is the same as on a local machine
  • Integrations to a number data sources

If you’re looking for a no hassle approach to coding in notebooks, try Deepnote. You can start playing around on an iPad and then continue on your workstation seamlessly. You can also try a multiplayer party with real time collaboration with your friends, all working on iPads”

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