While discussing rising  security breaches in businesses and organizations, co-founder of Netscape and Shutterfly, Jim Clark weighed in on flaws which can be avoided to prevent hacks.

He referred DNC hack, machine encryption of business owners and demand of Bitcoin ransom during the discussion where he said that majority of cyber attacks take place due to the use of a weak link in cyber security well known as, passwords.

“In the end it all, in one way or another, points to this deficiency I call it, that we call a password,” Clark told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

On describing in detail the flaw of using passwords, Clark said that passwords are like secrets which are shared with one person at a time and some are not shared at all.

Clark threw light on certificate concept to authenticate websites which are there to make sure that one is connected to Google or Yahoo. He said that any site visited has a certificate which is issued by a certification authority which can be implemented for users as well to replace the need for passwords.

This mechanism, says Clark, if used to authenticate users will no longer need the password. Users can be issued the certificate which can be shared with everyone because it can’t be altered and if done so, it will no longer be valid. This mechanism can end the struggle of maintaining different passwords for all online activities.

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