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Minecraft song, lyrics and music written and produced by Dwayne Russell

Animation by the Minecraft Jams animation team Francisco and Kenet.

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He Just Won’t Die

Verse 1

I saw this kid it was just the other day
hackin on a server where I used to play
looks like him I guess he came back
everybody knows he’s a cheatin little hack

Hacker! Hacker!

I guess I’ll try and see if I can beat him
but I dont know cuz he is really cheatin’
I’ll set him on fire that will make him real hot
then i’ll hit him with all I got…but..

He just wont die, he just wont die
I keep on hitting him and he wont die
it aint no lie it makes me cry
he’s such a hacker and he just wont die

Hacker! Hacker!

Verse 2

He walks on water and flies in the air
a big time cheater cuz he just dont care
takes players out with his aim bow bot
every single arrow is a kill head shot

Hacker! Hacker!

He’s gonna get caught either sooner or the later
get his little butt banned by the server moderator
but i’ll see if I can beat him, yes I’ll give it a shot
I’m givin it all a got…..but..


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