The picture being referred to is a leaked picture of a memorandum
on image board 4chan, complete with Department of Defence letterhead, seeming,
by all accounts, to be from the United States Army’s Cyber Protection Brigade.

The posted picture displays an official document brought up
on a terminal screen, on one side of which is a Common Access Card or CAC,
complete with picture, conventional of a Department of Defence employee. It
seems, by all accounts, to be a legitimate one, however it reeks of incredulity
and skepticism. Be that as it may, it’s as yet not clear with respect to why
somebody would want this data leaked.
However another sensible theory can be that, there might be
some sort of involvement of the cryptocommunity. Nevertheless an extraordinary
method to constrain utilization of privacy solutions is to convey into the
environment rumours about their being anything but, a sort of scheming way of
spreading trepidation, uncertainty and doubt.
 “The success we have
had with Tor, I2P, and VPN, cannot be replicated with those currencies that do
not rely on nodes. There is a growing trend in the employment of Stealth
addresses and ring signatures that will require additional R&D.”
the document.
the memo’s first line uncovers a unit required with the National
Security Administration (NSA) and Cyber Protection Team (CPT) encouraging all
the more financing for “new contracts and extra subsidizing to meet GWOT
and drug interdiction targets aimed in July’s Command update brief,”
Global War On Terror (GWOT) being a go-to pretext for about two decades of
obtrusive military and law enforcement action.
“In order to put the CPT back on
track, we need to identify and employ additional personnel who are familiar
with the Crypto Note code available for use in anonymous currencies,” the memo
Crypto Note which is likewise the
application layer for privacy tokens, for example, Bytecoin (BCN), Monero
(XMR), utilizes a memory bound function which is hard to pipeline, that the
pertinent agencies entrusted with monitoring and tracking internet solutions,
and now coins, needs outside help with Crypto Note may say a lot about where
the different government divisions are in terms of their security keenness.
The picture was distributed among
Steemit, Veekly, and even Warosu exactly five months back, yet outlets, for
example, Deep Dot Web may claim to have broken news. The document but is as yet
worth dissecting, assuming its legitimacy.

As far as concerns its, Deep Dot
Web claims to have contacted “a Monero developer, who spoke on state of
obscurity,” and the dev “said that the vast majority of the Monero
engineers who have seen the leak trust it to be true. A few sources who were
some time ago in the Armed force have additionally said they trust the report
to be genuine.” Offering ascend to the way that the contents of the
document do give off an impression of being totally conceivable.

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