Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: April 9, 2013
Length of Class: 41:09
Purpose of Class
Class Notes
The first rule of Hack Club is, “Don’t talk About Hack Club.”
Legitimate Reasons to Hack Include:
Regaining Access to Systems that Owners have Locked Themselves Out Of (This happens a derpressing amount of the time)
Demonstrating Security Vulnerabilities to Owners so that they can make educated decisions about their systems security requirements.
Playing with your own systems to better learn how they work.
To perform Hacking you need a solid understanding of TCP/IP Networking and Linux.
You should be able to comfortably use the Linux CLI and be able to troubleshoot problems.
You should have a working knowledge of how to administer the types of systems that you will be attacking.
Hacking Can Violate…
Terms of Service- Discretion of Service Provider — Can have services terminated
Civil Law — Preponderance of Evidence — Can be sued for damages
Criminal Law — Beyond a Reasonable Doubt — Can serve jail time
Intelligence Services — ??? — Nasty Things can Happen to You…
If you hack systems that you do not own it is best to consult a lawyer to have a strong contract written so that owners of systems can grant you permission to test their systems.
“Hacking” systems that you own my violate license agreements
The Second Rule of Hack Club is, “Don’t Talk About hack Club!”
Hacking Systems that you are not authorized to access can result numerous felony level criminal charges being leveled against you:
Aaron Schwartz – Committed Suicide when confronted with up to a 30 year jail term for downloading files
Eric J. Rosol — Up to $20,000 fine and 5 years in Jail for using LOIC as part of a larger “hacktivist” attack against a website
Protect Yourself by:
Do not install “hacking” utilities onto computers that you use for other purposes.
Use an isolated network and computer to perform hacking tests
Don’t trust ANYONE… and for the love of all that is geeky DO NOT ASK Random YouTube Personalities how to commit felonies…
Giving assistance to someone you know is planning to violate the law is a criminal act!
The Third Rule of hack Club is, “DON’T TALK ABOUT HACK CLUB!!!!”
Beware of affiliating yourself with any group. Being a “hacker”, and being a “member” of Anonymous are two entirely different things.
Lab Setup Used in Demonstration