The alleged Indian hackers hacked more than 500 websites of Pakistan. Indian hackers hacked the website of Pakistan through ranjamware. Hackers have claimed to hack Pakistan’s ‘Pakistan People’s Party’ website too. A few hours earlier, Pakistani hackers had hacked accounts of India’s top university.

India’s alleged hacker group has claimed to hack more than 500 websites of Pakistan. These include those websites that are secure with HTTPS.

Most of the hacked websites come under the Pakistani government. It has been claimed that a group named Team Indian Black Hat has done hacking. However, Team Kerala Cyber ​​Warriors have been written on the homepage of the hacked website.

The ‘Pakistan People’s Party’ website also hack
hackers have claimed to hack Pakistan’s ‘Pakistan People’s Party’ website too. These websites also include government education websites. Apart from this, trade websites and rural development websites are also included.

We talked to the hacker group, so they have told that this is not done by just one group but many groups have done it together. This includes groups like Luzsecind, team black hats and United Indian hackers. They say that more and more websites will be hacked in the future.

This is not a common hacking. Rather they have used rammajwaires. Ranjmware means money to get rid of the hacker’s possession . For this, there are details on hackers Facebook page from which they will talk about money transactions.

Looking at the hacked website, it seems that Kerala Cyber ​​Warrior has done it. There is a box in which key is being asked to insert key. Generally, hacker Ranjam gives a key after taking the money, so that the website can be withdrawn.
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