Hey dear you-tubers today in this video i have shown you guys how to hack other computer from your computer for fun this video just deal about educational purpose. please no offence.


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The tool was been coded on python programing and c programing as well you guy can also make these good tools. You guys can also say that this tool is just native to kali linux metasploit as well 🙂 it do same work like hackspy.
This video is ethinical hacking or penetration test just!
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This video is for educational purpose i’m not responsible for any mistake you have done, so please be safe 🙂 have a fun with hackspy!
I have shown you guys to use hackspy as spying others computer in your own network.

1st i have shown you screen capture
2nd i show you to use keylooger
3rd i show you to get admin granted command prompt

if you guys want to learn more command then i recommend you guys to check channel on credits
Credits: Way_to_heart and prabhat awasthi creator and developer of hackspy

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âš Thank you guys for watching my video hope you did enjoy!
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