A hacker accessed secret documents from the united states government involving their communication with extraterrestrials.

Back in around 2001 a resident of the united kingdom known as Gary McKinnon made it his mission to access information he believed was being withheld from the public about free energy UFO’s, extraterrestrial contact that the united states was holding.

Gary discovered that apparently NASA and other government/military agencies in the united states didn’t have very good security against remote access by nearly anyone in the world across the internet.

He used a simple hack involving scanning machines that simply didn’t have a password set for the administrator account within windows, giving him an easy open doorway into whatever files he wanted to access or search for.

Apparently the IT department was lacking a bit back then.

Gary was able to remotely control these computers as if he was sitting in front of them. He did this for around two years until he was finally caught, but he did find a few interesting things.

While doing some research, he stumbled upon something known as the disclosure project and within that an insider’s account of what was going on within a place known as building eight at the johnson space center. Allegedly, they were taking photographs taken in space and photo shopping out certain things they didn’t want the public to see.

So Gary accessed the computers within building 8 at the johnson space center and stumbled upon two folders. One folder contained images that were not processed and another folder contained images that were processed.

While looking at the non-process photos, gary was able to load 3/4ths of an image before getting shut off and disconnected.

He claims to have seen a cigar shaped object up close with three geodesic domes on top and then one on each side.

The object had no seams or rivets as if it was man made…and Gary assertively confirmed that whatever he saw did not look man made either.

Unfortunately, the reason the picture took so long to load was due to the fact that it was 2001…and he was on a 56k dial-up modem connection.

The image was extremely large…causing it to take an extremely long time to load especially because of his slow connection – due to this…and not being able to completely load the picture before being disconnected…he never actually got an image of what he claims to have seen.

At another time, Gary said he stumbled across a spreadsheet titled “non-terrestrial officers”…potentially meaning alien officers…this spreadsheet listed around twenty of them along with their rank.

A few months later, Gary was visited by a cybercrimes agency and arrested…he faced up to 60 years in prison if extradited and convicted in the United States. Apparently, the United States took what Gary did very seriously and wanted to sternly punish him.

Oddly though, this only adds more crediblity ot his entire story – if Gary was making all of this up, then why would the United States government want to punish him so severly?….what was their motive?

All of this is quite real and you can watch several interviews of the man on Youtube. He also has a website at freegary.org.uk.

Fortunately his extradiction to the United States was blocked by the UK, but it still makes you wonder…just what did Gary stumble upon?

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