This is important! You must watch and keep this a secret!

First Matt Slays uploaded “Last To Leave The Shower Wins $10,000 Challenge Matt Vs. Hackers” all of the sudden The Real Game Master made “Can You Beat This Girl at Arm Wrestling? (Final Game with Surprising End to Tunnel System Mystery),” and finally the Game Master Incorporated posted “Helping Hacker Escape Tiny House! (Evil plan to Betray Best Friends and Take Over Secret Tunnel).” Now we have to keep our big secret a complete secret. If we find out that anyone knows about this plan there will be punishments.

Ben Azelart – Living In A Hot Tub For 24 Hours!

Last To Stop Running Wins Battle Royale! (24 Hours Surprising Rebecca with Best Friend Prank)

Matt and Rebecca – Last To Leave The Shower Wins $10,000 Challenge Matt and Rebecca Vs. Hackers