Why are hackers so much less fearful of police, than internet businesses fear patent trolls? Just how much does anonymity, bitcoin, and bulletproof hosting trump incorporation, policies, and legitimacy? How well have you planned your survival in this cyberwar, facing todays’ modern weapons of politics, patents, and courts?

Chris Drake goes from white-hat to black-hat for a day, and leads you first-hand through the illicit, and real, establishment of an evil online hacker web site, then compares this work and its risks to those of an actual legitimate on-line security business.

Is he showing you the entrance to the dark web?, or teaching you how to survive in a world where trolls use courts like army’s use JDAMS? Enjoy this deep, multilevel, serious security message by the man dubbed as the “Comical Hacker”. Can you spot the dead-serious message Chris throws at our governments? Be warned – you may need to watch twice.

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