After Chad Wild Clay made PZ9 IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND & REGINA’S BROTHER! Spending 24 Hours Spying on Hacker to Reveal Secrets, Vy Qwaint created PZ9 HAS A SECRET? Spying on Undercover Hacker Spending 24 Hours at Project Zorgo Headquarters, and Daniel uploaded DANIEL’S OLD YouTube MUSIC CHANNEL! Spending 24 Hours Creating a DIY Rock Band to Distract Hackers to the Exposing Project Zorgo channel, The boys attempt to celebrate their victory royale after disrupting a Project Zorgo mission with an impromptu concert! Their celebration is cut short when they receive a notification that Project Zorgo has uploaded a new video. Much to the surprise of the musical spy ninjas, their enemies have released a diss track roasting all of the Kickbumpers. It is entertaining for the team, but it builds anger within Daniel, who just rediscovered his own music channel. Naturally, he wants to roast the hackers back, so he gathers the group to create a comeback to silence the pz members who have made fun of him. Can they spit some fire at the naysayers? How can they make a full on music video in a day? Do they have what it takes to roast the hacker organization?! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

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