You’re pitching the big idea. You know what you WANT to say, but you’re struggle to give the “right” answer.

In this week’s Hacker News Nation we’ll prep you for an investor interview, “Quick you only have 15 seconds!”. Hopefully this will get you thinking and talking clearly. Plus…

*3 tips for motivating your team
*The two biggest challenges all startups have! (Straight from Y Combinator)
*Dating advice from the richest man in the world: Warren Buffet

All that, and special guest Danya Cheskis-Gold (Spark Capital / Former Skillshare).

Stop online shopping! It’s time to relax and learn a few things in the process. Here we go…..

1) Employee Retention

2) The Mozilla Developer Network Gets a New Face

3) Lessons for VCs from the Oracle…

Additional Links
* iPaulGraham – As a founder, these are questions you’ll need to answer in less than 15 seconds

* CSS Tricks – A great resource for HTML and CSS by Chris Coyer

* – Another resources for HTML and CSS brought to you buy the folks over at the W3C, Facebook, Google, Adobe, etc.

* Berkshire Hathaway Letters from Warren Buffet…