Eek! Is your site slow?

Maybe it is, and you don’t even know it. Or maybe you don’t know how to fix it?

That’s why we’re here. And we have a solution that even non-programmers can use!

In this episode of Hacker News Nation we’ll show you the best way to include external libraries into your site, as well as…

-Why are software estimates always wrong?!?!
-How beginners can cheat at the Command Line
-Ben Stiller eats success for breakfast (and you can win Mattan’s favorite book!)

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Drowning in JavaScript

Explain Shell

What I learned from writing 750 words a day for 365 days

Amazon Prime Air

Why are software development estimates regularly off by a factor of 2-3?

Additional Links

ghostery plug-in: see how many javascript libraries a Website is using. Are you being tracked? Are you drowning in JavaScript? – – If you have too many services on your Website? Too many external JavaScript libraries? Great. You might want to try using to manage all your third-party includes.