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Under the Comodo, Recent Security Acquisition turns Incident, PHPwned, b107

j35t3r sets DoS Record, Smart-phone Security Sucks, DoS Flurry, Going Wayback with the Saltine

T00l T1m3
Updates: PacketFence, winAUTOPWN, SAMHAIN, JBROFuzz, Arachni, Fiddler, Burpsuite, Skipfish, Yara, THICKNET
Fresh: J-HAT/HPROF, GnackTrackR6, MOSCRACK, Creepy
Hardwarez: FUNcube
Note: MoonSols Utilities

Celebrity Twits, Plans to Nix IE6, pwned and Poppin’, Vendor Insecurity List, SHA-3 Field Narrows to Five, Ghostmarket Guy Sentenced to Five, Student Snagged Changing Grades, InterWACK, Jumbo Hoax, Pr0n h4x0r Sentenced to Six Years, One H0t H4x0r Chick

Con Fu
Note: Tokyo Hacker-Space
CSW and PWN2OWN, OWASP AppSec USA CFP, Hack Lu CFP, Notacon, CCC 2011 is ON, Source Boston/BeaCon, Carolina Con, B-Sides World-Wide, the SF to DC19 Hack-Bus