HNNCast for the first week of March, 2011
Top Stories
pwn2own a Week Away, Anonymous Ops Continue, Anonymous Fall-out Continues Too, It’s a Good Year NOT to be Greg Hoglund, Thanks OWASP
Androids Under Attack, Mac Malwares, Lion Seed, iTunes Struggle, It’s Unanimus — You’re Pwn3d
T00l T1m3
updates: Mobius, Wireshark, Nessus, Scapy, w3af, Armitage, FOCA, WATOBO, XSSer
Nessus in the Cloud, Naked Password
Celebrity Twits, Turing Target Met, Wack-a-Quack, Underground Carder War, Weev Free, Every Browser can Tatanga, Cry Me a Digital River, Crippling Autorun, Team Kuwait Strikes Israeli Sites, Zynamics Acquired by Google
DerbyCon Speakers, WOOT CFP, Source Coast-to-Coast, BruCon CFP, Notacon Not-acomodations, B-Sides Wrap-Up, Can Sec West NEXT WEEK!