«Hack The Hacker» – The SWITCH Security Awareness Experience

Gain the knowledge. Face the threat. Hack The Hacker.

A click on a link in an email infects the computer system of your organization with ransonmware. It’s up to you and your colleagues to rescue the data. You have to put down the attack of the criminal hacker.

The mission of your team is to discover the code that revokes the encryption executed by the malicious software. Together with up to 6 people you have to search the hacker’s den for hidden hints and clues.

In order to find them and to solve all the puzzles you have to turn into hackers yourselves. Outwit the hacker and save your organization!

More infos at https://www.switch.ch/security/services/hack-the-hacker/.

Sound: EPIC Drumstep – Syun Nakano — Provided by Jamendo