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It’s a place where the 11-year-old boy can feel and act much older by fighting enemies and gaining points and power each time he does.

Timmy is high level player in an internet game site called RuneScape. But recently, Timmy learned this virtual world is full of some real life dangers.

While on the site, he says he was approached by another player who seemed impressed with Timmy’s armor and sword. The player asked Timmy to come to a private area where they could talk. He asked Timmy to join a special clan, which is something very few people are asked to do. Timmy jumped at the chance.

Timmy says the player then led him to another website and eventually to a site that looked a lot like RuneScape. But it was not.

When Timmy put in his identification and password, he says his information was hacked. He couldn’t get back into his account quickly and when he did, all of his points and items he earned and bought were gone.

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