In this video we go through a brief introduction to ethical hacking and what we are going to learn from this course. this video is in Hindi/Urdu language.


Reconnaissance – (Passive)information gathering techniques and methods.
Scanning – (Active)information gathering techniques and methods.
Learn Kali – learn to install and use KALI LINUX operating system(OS).
Network Hacking – different hacking methods to explore networks.
Social Engineering – (Non-technical attack)Hacking into systems by interacting with the target
Vulnerability and Exploit – Identifying weaknesses to get control of system
Wireless Hacking – Hacking and pen-testing wireless devices
Buffer Overflow – Exploiting weaknesses of application to get control of the system.
Web Application Hacking – Techniques and methods to take control of the website (Sql-Injection, XSS and more)
Malicious Code – Utilizing viruses to hack systems.
Dos Attacks – Utilizing Dos and DDos attacks
Bypassing Security – Learn to bypass different security measures in computers.

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