A new email scam is targeting Netflix users in order to obtain access to their bank account info, according to multiple reports.

Netflix users should keep their eyes peeled for a sneaky phishing scam that’s attempting to extract user payment information by sending fraudulent billing emails and be sure their account information is secure.

As WGN-TV reports, subscribers have reported receiving fake (yet very official-looking) emails that appear to come from Netflix, informing them that their account has been temporarily disabled due to billing problems. To “reactivate” it, they’re occasionally instructed to update their payment information by clicking on a link that leads them to a fake website. Other times, they’re asked to send these details by email.

“A link in the email takes users to a fake Netflix page, where you are invited to input your bank details. It is realistic and will no doubt catch out a few people whose bank card has just expired,” a user said in a Tuesday letter to the Guardian.

The emails look like they have been sent from the online streaming service, complete with the Netflix logo, according to WGN9.

According to the Netflix help centre website, the company will never ask for personal information to be sent over email, including credit and debit card numbers and passwords.

For the uninitiated, schemes like these are designed to give hackers direct access to your personal banking details and can lead to a case of credit card or identity theft. So if you’ve received a billing email that appears to be from Netflix, take the time to vet it to see if it’s legit. Always check who the sender is by hovering your cursor over their email address, and above all, never click on any links that are included in the message’s body. Bad grammar and typos are also a giveaway that some “customer service” emails aren’t real.

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