The founder of Emisoft, a cybersecurity company based in New Zealand has issued an apology over a configuration miscalculation that resulted in a system data breach. The company’s test systems were breached and the news came out on February 3. Christian Mairoll, founder and managing director, Emisoft, told about the incident. She wrote that the cybersecurity incident shouldn’t have occurred, due to the breach, the product and services that generate Emisoft’s log records, were exposed to unauthorized third-party players.  

Christian said that the database was exposed from January 18 to February 3, 2020. During that period, she suspects, at least one individual had got access to its files when the attack happened. The investigation informed that 14 customer user IDs related to 7 distinct organizations comprised of the data compromised by the attack.
Emisoft on its blog said, “the stolen data in question consists of technical logs produced by our endpoint protection software during normal usages, such as update protocols, and generally does not contain any personal information like passwords, password hashes, user account names, billing information, addresses, or anything similar. 

However, as part of the investigation, we noticed that 14 customer email addresses were part of the scan logs due to detections of malicious emails stored in the users’ email clients.”
Following the cyberattack, Emotet shut down the compromised systems and started a full foreign analysis of the incident. Emisoft has contacted the customers affected by the data breach. Besides this, to assure no such event happens again, Emisoft has pledged to conduct all its future experiments and tests in a safe isolated environment. It’d have no internet access and data would be AI-generated.  

“As always, we continually assess our procedures and policies and seek new ways to improve our approach to security. We understand the importance of our role as guardians of your information and online safety and will continue to work every day to re-earn your trust,” said Emisoft in an apology. As of now, these are the only details that E Hacking News is aware of, stay updated.


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