Concept Hasher, an Exciting AI Development Is in Beta
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Concept Hasher is in beta. The concept hasher is a module that creates a unique hash for every concept (or idea); it marks the very first display of proper understanding of natural language by machine.

Concept Hasher is a component of LushCoin, an exciting concept for an AI driven cryptocurrency that is in development. The LushCoin concept proves that far from being an anarchic malevolence, AI can create jobs and actively contribute to improvements in quality of life.

The beta is initially open only to exemplary contributors to open source and privacy protection. This is because the open nature of the open source world places its practitioners in the best position to guide the processes that will maintain AI’s ethical boundaries as well as ensure trust and transparency in an unbiased way.

I made this announcement previously, but did not publicise sufficiently, so please take advantage this time. The instructions at are mandatory, please understand that emails will not be looked at.

See for more info.

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