Clipped.js, a preset-based library to make configurations 100% reusable across projects

Pain of static configurations

Configurations are everywhere. To use babel we have ‘.babelrc’, for Webpack we have ‘webpack.config.js’, and for Docker we have ‘Dockerfile’.

For a tool that requires a significant amount of configuration like Webpack, it just feels clumsy having to enter similar things like this for trillion times:

module.exports = {
entry: {
vendor: ['react'],
index: 'src/index.js'
output: {
path: 'dist'
module: {
rules: [
// tons of loaders...

We already have some awesome tools like poi, backpack.js to alleviate the pain, but sooner or later you still need to look up StackOverflow to check why a single line of Webpack property screwed up everything again…

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