Charlie Miller and Dino Dai Zovi presenting at CodenomiCON 2012 in Las Vegas. Miller and Dai Zovi are authors of the iOS Hacker’s Handbook, available at For more videos and technical deep dives, go to the Codenomicon Labs site at To request an invitation to CodenomiCON 2013 on July 30th in Las Vegas, go to Codenomicon finds security vulnerabilities others can’t find. Companies rely on Codenomicon’s solutions to discover zero-day vulnerabilities that cause Denial of Service (DoS) and data leakage, which are the unknown vulnerabilities Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) use to break into systems. Codenomicon is known for Defensics software for security stress-testing (aka ‘fuzzing’) of software/firmware/hardware, Clarified Situation Awareness solution for Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and Network Operations Centers (NOCs), and Fuzz-o-Matic application testing-as-a-service. Fuzzing is a methodology to manage and assess unknown vulnerability exposure. Fuzz testing is part of all modern (secure) software development lifecycles such as Microsoft SDL, Cisco SDL, Adobe SPLC (secure product life cycle) and others. Codenomicon’s customers include Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Verizon, Nokia Siemens Networks, Huawei, and T-Systems.