Building a Hacker News Clone in AngularJS – Part 1

Hi Everyone! I’m Dakota Lee Martinez. In this video series I’ll be using the Hacker News API to build out a Hacker News Clone in AngularJS.

These videos are accompanied by a series of blog posts at You can find the written explanation of the process and code samples there.

Building a Hacker News Clone in AngularJS – Part 1

This video covers the following topics:

* Introducing the project and the Learn Verified Full Stack Web Developer Course for which I’m completing the project.
* an overview of the tasks we’ll be completing in Post 1 of are 7 Post Series:

These tasks include:

* Setting up the Directory Structure
* Adding necessary libraries and linking them to the project
* Bootstrapping our angular app with ui-router
Building the top stories state, with root url, a view and a controller,
* Creating the top stories view and the TopStoriesController and linking them to index.html
* Creating a TopStoriesService to connect to the Hacker News API
* Using an ng-repeat to display the ids of the hacker news top stories