Battlefield 1 – I play my first game with hackers and there were 3 of them! EA Dice Report Electronic Arts help me!

DID THEY GET BANNED?? Follow up video here –►

12:30 is when they really switch on their hacks against me!
15:20 is when the fighter 1-hit’s are really obvious

I suspect they had their hacks on a “Low setting”, and then got pissed off and turned up the dial

This is on the Operations game mode, – “Oil Of Empires”. The map is “Fao Fortress”


This is gameplay from the PC:
GeForce GTX 1080
1440p Monitor

I use a Keyboard and Mouse when flying

Wanna learn how to crush with the plane?
Bomber, 89-0,
Attack Plane, 128-1,
Fighter, 161-1,