Ask HN: Advisor shares for an early collaborator?
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I have a video-based language learning site that requires content to get off the ground. I have started working with probably the best possible person who currently is involved with teaching German on Youtube. Her involvement will only be a matter of a few hours a week, but she will be invaluable with the content as well as with promoting the site on her channel.

In my mind a fair compensation is to give the same profit sharing that we will offer all of our future content creators: some XX% of the revenue split according to which video content is being watched. But in her case because she is the first content creator, and she’s collaborating with me creatively, that I could also give her something like 3% in advisor shares.

But I don’t know how this works, I’ve seen some tables online that show that the max you should give with advisor shares is like 1%. Would a VC down the road think it’s strange to see a number higher on the cap table? And if I do go higher should I put in some vesting terms?

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