Hi there!

My name’s Rubén and I’m a software engineer. I work for a software company based in… well, Earth really – we’re a remote team.

I’m writing this from Barcelona in the north-east of Spain, but when this draft is finished – I’ll send it on to my colleague Stefan, who’s somewhere in Europe (maybe) in his van. I’ll also forward it on to review by Adam who’s in London, Paolo in Italy and Diego in Seville.

One of the greatest things about software engineering is the equipment you need – just a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection and you’re ready to build apps and platforms for the millions.

Thanks to the tools we use, we can all be in different countries and work effectively together. Nearly everyday we share interesting links and articles about technology, tips for traveling and tools to improve our workflow. We all find it extremely useful, so we’re taking it global and have created DevCraft to share with the world.

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