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$20M Advance Offered to Obama for His Memoir

$20M Advance Offered to Obama for His Memoir


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Hands down, Barack Obama was one of the best presidents of US. He has not only been a great politician but he has become a brand himself. Over the 8 years of his regime, it wasn’t the US government for the world but everyone just recognized one face and that was BARACK OBAMA. From addressing the press at the White House to being funny on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, from taking bold decisions to taking a stand and making things right, he has got it all. I don’t think he has done everything right but I am sure we all would agree that he has done everything different with grace.

No one would deny if they are given a chance to have a sneak peak in Obama’s life. Let’s agree to a fact that he is not an ordinary person and this sneak is going to be very costly. Esther Newberg is the co-head of ICM Partners publishing unit, and according to him, Barack Obama is going to get a huge sum 20 million dollars as an advance for writing his memoir. Mr. Newberg predicts this memoir is going to be the most successful compared to all the past presidents of the United States and that is why he is going to get this hefty advance to write it.

Besides, Obama has already written 2 books “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race” and “Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream”. He is already a published author and about 4 million copies of his books have been sold. With President Trump as his successor, his popularity has only grown and being the writer that he is I feel 20 million is just the tip of the iceberg. Bill Clinton currently holds the record for grossing the highest for writing his memoir “My Life” which yielded him 15 million dollars and Obama has already beaten him just by his advance.  George Bush doesn’t even come close to him with just a 7 million dollar payment for his memoir “Decision Points”.

Not only the president but the former First Lady Michelle Obama is also said to be having a very lucrative deal to write her own memoir. The combined book contracts offered to the couple might yield them a figure north of 45 million dollars. These memoirs are said to be the most valuable in recent history and with the popularity of the power couple, it might as well break the roof with their sales figures. The young president has already put things in motion and has appointed Bob Barnett as his lawyer. Furthermore, he has also included former White House speechwriting director Cody Keenan in his team. With this combination and his sheer intelligence, President Obama is only going to make more money and become more famous. Not only does President Obama have a book deal but he is going to have a full package including the audio books and what not. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a film made on his life, I mean the story and the dialogues are pretty much written.

Obama has transformed himself from a nobody to the most important man in the world. These book deals and money don’t define him and maybe that is why he is being offered this much. As readers, it would be amazing for us to read Obama’s book and those under the President Trump’s rule will find solace in their inconsistent but a glorious past.

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