Month: March 2018

Playdead’s INSIDE: Hacking Inf Breath UnderWater Manipulating XMM

Hacking Playdead’s INSIDE PC Game Finding Unknown Values for INF Breath Underwater, using a combination of different techniques. Showing you that these techniques can work for ANY game. Direct Byte Manipulation and manipulating Xmm Registries ============================================ Cheat The Game Facebook Channel: SN34kyMofo Game Hacking Youtube Channel: Binomi89 Android Game App Hacking Expert Youtube Channel: Kenneth MC Facebook Game Hacking Youtube Channel: Charly THE NOOB Gameplays, WalkThrus, and More: Guided Hacking Learn Basics to Advanced Game Hacking: source...

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Researchers Discover Critical Flaws Inside AMD’s Processors

on Thursday, March 15, 2018 | Researchers on the AMD front claim to have found “multiple critical security vulnerabilities and exploitable manufacturer backdoors inside AMD’s latest Epyc, Ryzen, Ryzen Pro, and Ryzen Mobile processors.” If attackers somehow managed to misuse the blemishes, at that point the situations extending from AMD’s processors being infected with tenacious malware that would be relatively difficult to recognize to attackers taking sensitive data the researchers say. Israel-based CTS-Labs published a site committed to the 13 critical blemishes, and along with it a 20-page whitepaper, “Severe Security Advisory on AMD Processors.” They code-named the four...

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A Plywood Laptop For Your Raspberry Pi

[Rory Johnson] writes in to tell us about PlyTop Shell, a Creative Commons licensed design for a laser cut wooden laptop that he’s been working on since 2016. It’s designed to accommodate the Raspberry Pi (or other similarly sized SBCs), and aims to provide the builder with a completely customizable mobile computer. He’s got a limited run of the PlyTop up for sale currently, but if you’ve got the necessary equipment, you can start building yours while you wait for that new Pi 3B+ to arrive. Originally [Rory] was working on a 3D printed design, but quickly ran into...

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