Month: February 2018

20,000 ETH Tokens Returned To Coindash

on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 | It so occurred on February 23rd that Coindash made public by means of its blog that 20,000 ETH had been re-stationed to company’s wallet at 12:01:41 AM +UTC. Amid July of a year ago, the hacker changed the deposit address that was displayed on Coindash’s, at that point siphoning nearly 37,000 ETH tokens from ICO subscribers  – at the time esteemed at around $10 million USD. The 20,000 ETH tokens came back to Coindash are right now worth almost $17 million. The exchange involves the second time that the hacker has returned assets...

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Chopper And Chopper-Stabilised Amplifiers, What Are They All About Then?

One of my first jobs as a freshly minted graduate engineer involved the maintenance of a set of analogue chart recorders. They were museum pieces by the early 1990s: a motorized roll of graph paper across which a pen would traverse in proportion to the voltage on the input terminals. Inside was a simple servo, with a differential amplifier comparing the feedback via a potentiometer from the mechanism with the amplified input. The recorders dated from the early 1960s, and internally their electronics were from the germanium transistor era: many Mullard OC-series devices, black-painted glass tubes with a red...

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Know about JIT Method inlining

In this blog post, we are going to understand the impact of functions calls in an application and what JIT does to reduce its impact. A function call is a relatively expensive operation but JIT makes sure that our application does not suffer, performance wise, due to a large number of function calls. JIT does function inlining to make sure that function calls are minimized in an application. Further, we are going to learn “how can we debug one’s application and see which functions are getting inlined”. Are functions calls expensive? At first, a function call may seem trivial to...

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