Month: December 2017

34C3: North Korea’s Consumer Technology

[Will Scott] and [Gabe Edwards] shed some light on the current state of consumer computing technology at 34C3 in their talk DPRK Consumer Technology. The pair has also created a website to act as a clearinghouse for this information — including smartphone OS images up at Not a whole lot is known about what technology North Korean citizens have available to them. We have seen Red Star OS, the Mac-like Linux based operating system used on PC based desktops. But what about other systems like smartphones? [Will] and [Gabe] found that cell phones in North Korea are typically manufactured...

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Clipped.js: Make js configuration reusable cross projects

Clipped.js, a preset-based library to make configurations 100% reusable across projects Pain of static configurations Configurations are everywhere. To use babel we have ‘.babelrc’, for Webpack we have ‘webpack.config.js’, and for Docker we have ‘Dockerfile’. For a tool that requires a significant amount of configuration like Webpack, it just feels clumsy having to enter similar things like this for trillion times: module.exports = {entry: {vendor: ['react'],index: 'src/index.js'},output: {path: 'dist'},module: {rules: [// tons of loaders...]}} We already have some awesome tools like poi, backpack.js to alleviate the pain, but sooner or later you still need to look up StackOverflow to check...

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Morgan Stanley considers Bitcoin to be of no value

Cryptocurrencies dominated the financial news space in 2017, with bitcoin rising more 13 times this year, as per Coindesk, even as prices have remained very volatile. The cryptocurrency’s worth continued to fluctuate wildly this week, bouncing back to nearly £12,000 on Wednesday after plummeting to around £8,000 last week. But a top financial services firm is making the case that, despite soaring stock prices, the popular digital currency Bitcoin may actually be worth nothing at all. Jamie Dimon, the erstwhile CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank, was quoted in an interview in New Delhi saying that ‘cryptocurrencies to me...

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