Month: July 2017

Microsoft releases open source tool for object detection

This tool provides end to end support for generating datasets and validating object detection models from video and image assets. End to End Object Detection Pipeline: The tool supports the following features: The ability to tag and annotate Image Directories or Stand alone videos. Computer-assisted tagging and tracking of objects in videos using the Camshift tracking algorithm. Exporting tags and assets to CNTK or YOLO format for training an object detection model. Running and validating a trained CNTK object detection model on new videos to generate stronger models. Table of Contents Installation Installing the Visual Object Tagging Tool Download...

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Flaws in Radiation Monitoring Devices, Vendors decline to fix them

Ruben Santamarta, the principal security consultant for IOActive, has found various Black Hat vulnerabilities in multiple product models of nuclear Radiation Monitoring Devices (RDMs) from three vendors, including Digi, Ludlum and Mirion, who when contacted by the researcher, declined to fix the reported flaws, each for various reasons. According to research unveiled at Black Hat USA 2017 on Wednesday, these flaws present a potential mechanism for triggering false alarms and worse. Santamarta’s research, which is accompanied by a whitepaper, focused on testing software and hardware, firmware reverse engineering and radio frequency analysis. Santamarta says he tested various radiation monitor models,...

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Michael Ossmann Pulls DSSS Out of Nowhere

[Michael Ossmann] spoke on Friday to a packed house in the wireless hacking village at DEF CON 25. There’s still a day and a half of talks remaining but it will be hard for anything to unseat his Reverse Engineering Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) talk as my favorite of the con. DSSS is a technique used to transmit reliable data where low signal strength and high noise are likely. It’s used in GPS communications where the signal received from a satellite is often far too small for you to detect visually on a waterfall display. Yet we know...

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